A new vision of intelligent swimming pools.

Small, highly intelligent and extremely consumer-friendly. Coral’s computer vision-driven pool activity monitoring solutions are empowering pool owners in unprecedented ways. 

Saving lives first, enhancing lifestyles second


Despite worldwide devastating drowning incidents in residential pools, safety solutions for pools are limited and ineffective

370,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide
Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death in children aged 1-4 before motor vehicle crashes

88% drowning deaths of children under 14 occur with at least one adult nearby

Coral Smart Pool 2nd Generation - MYLO
Virtual LifeGuard

The world’s first and only Computer Vision and AI-based Virtual Lifeguard for residential pools to detect Drowning

Active drowning detection based on advanced computer vision and deep neural networks technology

Product Features

Above water camera

CPU&GPU inside all algorithm is running in the box and not in the cloud To guarantee fast Action

IOT Features

Below water camera


Water quality detection and report

Improved algorithms and software to increase detection and reduce false alarms

Improved software for better support, safety and privacy

Better user experience – improved app and adding lifestyle and entertainment capabilities

Coral manta and coral shell

1st generation
Launched in 2020. sold, and shipped over hundreds of units.
All inventory sold out.

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