Technology that Enhances Life

Our mission

We believe machines and technology can empower us to take greater responsibility for our lives and our loved ones. They can be our partners, helping us in the background to live safer, better and more deeply.

We believe in people-led technology, and human-centered design, that reflects the emotional and practical world and limitations of our users.

We believe our Pool Activity Supervision system (APAS) and our smart pool ecosystem will help create a more immersive pool experience.

Our priority is developing technologies that safeguard human well-being and save lives. We balance fun with responsibility.

People-centered Innovation – we design technology based on real human needs and experiences.

We imagine an intelligent pool designed to enhance the wellbeing of its users.  From safeguarding pool user safety to promoting fitness.

Envisioning the Pool Experience for the Digital Era

Technology and Intellectual Property

Making Smart Pools much more Intelligent

With Coral's Computer Vision and AI Technology Pools can become not only safer but also much more intelligent.

With Coral's Computer Vision and AI Technology pools can become:
- Safer
- More intelligent
- More automated
- Provide fun features
- Provide wellness and lifestyle experiences
- Pools can be managed from distance

Superior Technological Capabilities Thousands of Real Field Scenarios


Deep Learning is DATA! using algorithms and computing power. Collected and Collects unique 24/7 data from hundreds of pools it is already installed in

Entrance Detection and Notification

Based mainly on strong video analytics, as opposed to pool alarms that alert on any water movement, reducing dramatically false alarms

Drowning Detection and Alert

Detects and alerts 24/7 upon any drowning scenario, the most important feature in the system - no other product for residential pools provides such capabilities

Identifying and Monitoring Cleaning Robots and other equipment

Detection and learning of cleaning robots and other pool related objects to distinguish between people and any other objects

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